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                                 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

In this version. I would like to continue with what I call complete songwriters, those who write both lyrics and melodies, that originated from some part of the British Empire. At it’s greatest, the British Empire included England, Ireland, India, Australia, parts of the Caribbean and the Asian islands around Indonesia and the Philippines. For argument’s sake, let’s include continental Europe so I have some place to put Mark Knopfler(I guess this would also make ABBA eligible although I won’t be writing that one!!!!) Once again, I’m asking everyone to hold back on songwriters who are primarily collaborators, such as JAGGER/RICHARDS, PINK FLOYD, U2, ELTON JOHN/TAUPIN, etc. as we can cover them in part 3. This should still give us a large amount of  songwriters to discuss. Again, I tend to be most knowledgeable in the mainstream rock genre from the mid 60s to the late 80s and will concentrate my writings in that area. Others of you who can fill in the niches I’m less familiar with or who have particular songwriters they feel strongly about please should feel free to extol their virtues as I don’t want my own point of view to dominate this too much. OK, enough rules, let’s try to have some fun.

I have a theory that much of the succcess of the British invasion and their point of view on life and art is the result of growing up in post World War II England. I have seen many interviews/shows on how many of this generation of English kids were fatherless and grew up in bombed out suburban settings that Americans can never duplicate or fully understand. It has to be more than a coincidence that so many significant musical figures come from England and were born between 1938 and 1950, including all of THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES, THE WHO and THE KINKS. These kids didn't have playgrounds, they had remnants of bombed buildings to play in. A large percentage of them attended British art schools as well. Perhaps this required them to develop their creative imaginations at an earlier age, perhaps its all just a fluke. Regardless, this has to be the richest period for producing a new generation of artists that all longed for the paradise they thought America to be compared to their homeland and sought it out in the rhythm and blues of the black musicians of the American south.

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The lost art of the mix tape

I read a very interesting article in my local newspaper yesterday about the art of making a music mix tape.

Please try to find time to read the article at this link. I found it fascinating.

It was titled The lost art of the mix tape and was written by our local music reviewer. I have long been a practitioner
of this art form and have made literally hundreds of music mix tapes and CDs. Unfortunately, the records for the tapes
are impossible to keep and the tapes themselves have been given away as presents. I always had a theme in mind
when I made a mix and spent as lot of effort to make them sound professional by rolling off the input levels of the
songs as they ended. All my tapes were made from recording tracks off LPs. Now digital technology has made this
much easier and also allows you to file and reference compilations by looking in a designated folder. Have any of you
ever seen the John Cusack movie HIGH FIDELITY? It is about this very subject of making mix tapes and how it is
almost a religious experience for those of us that really enjoyed it. I'm interested in how many of the music friends
and any others on these boards have engaged in this practice. I would like you to list the songs from at least one of
your mixes. It could be your first, your most recent, or ideally, the one that you consider your best. So having said that,
I will list a couple of my favorite mixes. Please feel free to review and comment on any, but remember that people like
me feel very strongly about what they chose to record so try not to get to derogatory(unless you see Barry Manilow or
somebody like that show up!!!!! LOL) .
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