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The goal of this thread is to list only those teams you consider to be grossly overrated and why you feel that way.  This is not a forum for defending your favorite team when someone else names them. The goal is to state why you think teams are overrated, not why you think your team is being singled out. A list of rules to keep everybody on equal footing.

1) Please list complete school names. While you may be familiar with the shorthand abbreviation for a school, I may not be. I don’t want to try and figure out if KU means KANSAS or is a typo for KENTUCKY. Teams that are commonly referred to by an abbreviation such as UNLV, UCLA, SDSU, BYU are acceptable. If you have ANY DOUBT about whether the abbreviation is acceptable, list the whole school name at least once so I know for sure what school you are referring to.

2) Please list your teams in the order that you consider them to be most overrated. A team listed as #1 will receive 10 points. #2 will receive 9 points, etc down to 1 point for #10.

3) Please give an explanation for each team you nominate stating why you believe then to be overrated.

3) Please be respectful of the opinions of others. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and should not be attacked for having it as long as they can substantiate it in some manner.

4) Please make your posts pertinent to the teams you think are overrated. Do not make posts defending your favorite team just because someone else has considered them overrated. The best way to defend your team is to nominate other teams and have them accumulate points. Points will not be deducted by arguing. Ballots by participants who cannot abide by this rule may not be counted.

5) This ballot will conclude immediately following the Selection Sunday Announcement show.

6) If you have submitted a ballot and you want to make a change, please indicate what team on your previous ballot you want to replace and what number position you wish to place your new nominee in.
Voters will be listed to a total of ten nominees. Failure to indicate what team you wish to replace will result in the original ballot taking precedence. This way each participant will nominate ten teams only and the weighted point value will remain accurate.

7) A new thread will be posted by TUESDAY following SELECTION SUNDAY with the final results.

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